TMap NEXT in Scrum

It’s barely a month after the book release of PointZERO® and Sogeti has announced to release yet another publication.  TMap NEXT in Scrum will be presented to the Sogeti-employees on the 15th of November. The book goes in on the question how to integrate testing in a Scrum process. What are do’s and don’ts? In which ways is the role of a tester different? And so on. The content of this book is mainly based on experience, which is a plus in my opinion. Can’t wait to read it!


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2 thoughts on “TMap NEXT in Scrum

  1. JM

    SCRUM/Agile seem to be the next magical word in the world of IT.

    The book-presentation this evening was nice and brought food for thought. Got the book and started reading it. The views presented are useful in my opinion.

    One of my questions related to this trend is how long will it last? 😉

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