Selenium .NET test suite

Selenium is a useful tool but not well utilized when used as a mere record-and-playback tool. The problem is that recorded test cases are not easily readable and hard to maintain, and output options are limited. A colleague of mine, Arjan van der Smeede, has tackled these issues by creating a Selenium .NET test suite. Though the Excel interface is written in Dutch and the executable in English, the suite can be used by anyone* because it is pretty straightforward.

  1. The first step is to create logical test cases in the Excel sheet.
  2. Then record the test cases as you usually would and import them into the excel sheet, first in the GUI Map.
  3. Rename the elements, it makes the script readable/maintainable.
  4. Then import the test cases in the FT Selenium. You can edit the actions, elements in that part to your liking.
  5. When you are done with that, start the executable and configure which browsers you want to use.
  6. Import the Excel sheet.
  7. Run your test cases!

There are numerous options such as step-by-step execution, regular expressions, screenshots, and so forth. I have used this suite for regression testing and it saved me hours of boring work. I recommend Selenium .NET test suite.

* Microsoft Access, Excel required.

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