Show me the TEaaS

In my previous post I briefly mentioned TEaaS. So are there examples? Rhetorically speaking, yes. Let’s say you’re looking for a way to test how(/if) your software works on x amount of mobile platforms. Perfecto mobile (PM) is an alternative to consider. From Blackberry to Samsung to HTC, PM provides the user with a myriad of platforms. Besides, if you need to test your software on tablets as well, no problem. What I consider as the icing on the cake is that test automation and monitoring is also part of the of the package. For a short video, check this out.
The pricing is subscription based. The better (and more expensive) your subscription is, the more options you have and the cheaper the hourly rate is. “But”, I here you think,”can I try it before I buy it?” Rhetorically speaking, yes.

Next time we’ll look at another example of TEaaS.

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