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In the previous post about TEaaS I wrote about Perfecto mobile (PM) but did not compare it to an alternative. But there are plenty of other options, one of which is Sauce Labs (SL). SL provides 96 combinations of browser/platform, which seems to be a respectable amount. Yet, a closer look shows us that for instance the browser android is rarely available and platforms as Adroid OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, QNX and Google Chrome OS are absent altogether. The only tablet available is the iPad, and not the significant competitor, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note. So, in the area of mobile devices PM has the upper hand. A small plus of SL is that there are more different versions of the same browser available and Linux is part of the platform list.
SL gives the user some useful tools, like Firebug or Chrome Dev, which makes analysis of certain bugs much easier. The real ‘extra’ is that Selenium is part of the suite. Combine that with the possibility of using pretty much any programming language to write tests in Selenium and you have a happy test tool geek. PM provides none of this, so the score is even.
Another handy feature is that tests are video recorded, making bug registration and reproduction much easier. After all, these activities are not very exciting anyway so why not have them done for you?
My conclusion is that PM is more suitable if you are looking a wide range of mobile devices and you are mainly performing compatibility tests or usability tests. SL is more suitable if you are mainly performing system tests or functional tests.

ps: Yes, you can try Sauce Labs for free

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