Unit testing in Java

I’m on a Java-journey. My assignment changed a bit in comparison to what I expected. Fitnesse and Selenium are out of the picture for now. I will focus on the unit tests. A colleague of mine has been working on creating and expanding these tests for years, literally. Reading and understanding his code and way of programming is not a walk in the park, but I am coming to grips with some of the patterns he’s used.
There are plenty of ways to go about unit/acceptance testing like TDD or BDD, not mutually exclusive, but what I am dealing with is too big of a legacy to implement a change in setting up the automated tests. What we have decided, though, is to utilize Maven in a better way. There are currently too many manual steps one has to take before a test suite can be run. We’re going to solve that problem. When that is done, the next step should, in my humble opinion, be to aim for Continuous Integration with Jenkins.

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