Enjoying (non-)functional test automation

The past months I had the privilege of fully focusing on performance testing and UI test automation. Two colleagues of mine, Martijn and Roy, helped me get a good start by letting me work alongside of them. I am thankful that my company allowed me to go into new direction and that my colleagues were willing to help me when necessary.

After some time I started working more independently. Some performance test assignments, a test automation assessment and a UI test automation job. I’m loving it (no, not Mickey D’s)! Not just because I successfully completed the assignments, but also because there’s lots of learning and challenges ahead of me. I also enjoy switching clients or having more than one at a time. I guess consultancy-like work – not being the gel haired guy in a suit whose middle name is platitude, but actually adding value – is up my alley.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying (non-)functional test automation

    1. David Post author

      No, I consider performance testing, testing non-functional requirements. But, by all means yes my test automation is functional. And yes, performance testing can lead to changes in (the implementation of) functionality, which makes it not purely a non-functional test. So, actually…

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